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Minggu, 09 Januari 2011

tugas membuat cerita liburan bahasa inggris

fishing holiday

a few days ago I visited the house of my friends there playing with the theme of another friend, after tired walking, we rested under a large tree behind the house of friends and sit there, to enjoy the fresh air
by looking at the lake which is on the side. we sit down and play catur.setelah we feel bored playing chess my friend had an idea for fishing in the lake itu.saya agree because it's a good idea to not get bored and we went home to take the hook fishing.
and with a little food we walked back to the lake itu.kami find a place. under the big tree where we sat tadi.setelah getting ready for our fishing hook fishing.
fishing takes a long time.
after a long wait there is not one fish that we were not lucky peroleh.kami
after a long wait we lapar.dan lunch with food we brought.
after lunch under the trees to continue fishing besar.kami lagi.dan have to wait longer and longer.
because they do not get fish, we also feel bosan.kami want to go home.
when they want to go home my fishing hook.
get one fish.
I'm so glad.
after getting our fish back home because it was afternoon
after I got home I gave the fish to my mother.
fried fish in my mother even though only one.
after eating the fried fish.
I rested for today's very tiring.
and I sleep
and good afternoon

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  1. lumayan lah sedikit membantu . . . . thank you very much

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  3. Muhammad Azwan23 Juni 2013 05.59

    Thank You

  4. Thanks yea,
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